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Multiplayer stability update coupled with a bunch of neat improvements.

Hey DieselStormers! 

We’ve been monitoring the airwaves and have a bunch of enhancements to send your way. This update includes a pile of small quality of life changes, that improve basic interactions ( slam, shooting, sounds, etc… ) as we continue to iteratively improve everything. 

Multiplayer got a whole lot of love, with tons of bug fixes, name tags, and general metal goodness.

We only had time to do a quick pass over the crafting screen for now, but we’ve got a lot more work underway there for an upcoming release. We know it is still a bit confusing to people who haven’t spent a lifetime trying to build energy weapons out of broken goblin machinery, but hang in there. 

Changelist is available on DieselStormers Community Hub.

Also, we want YOUR ideas!

We know a bunch of cool stuff we want to do with DieselStormers, but we’re always happy to add more awesome bits. So don’t be shy, and send us your suggestions and feedback to: 


Your BFG Team

DieselStormers hotfix

Hello you brave Stormers, 

We have now released a hotfix for the most itching issues (version number “build 2”): 

- Fixed crash on startup with non xbox controllers 
- Fixed overall performance CPU issue 
- Fixed networking slowdown when joining a session from the beginning 
- Fixed excessive network bandwidth consumption with 3-4 player network games 
- Fixed networking related memory leaks 

We are going to release a small update later this week that includes stability and networking fixes, crafting screen interface update, improved training mission and much more. 

As always, you can contact us under email: 

Your BFG Team

Dev Update: Orc! Smaaaash!

Today we want you to meet the Obelix/Hulk among the Orcs. 

When he was just a little Orcling he fell into a barrel of goop and now pursues the DieselKnights relentlessly through the streets of Ravensdale.

This impressive tank not only forces you to keep on movin’ with his charge attacks, he also serves as a meat shield for the small goblins with his large health pool. 

Always keep an eye out for him or he will smash you like a puny god. 

Dev Update: Loot Carte of Awesome

DieselStormers! We need stuff to survive in our hideout.  All this shiny armor won’t build itself and we need firepower, right.

The answer is simple – Raid & loot everything! The mutants have the goop-plants, but we have the spunk. Goopocracy can’t stay forever, so let’s take some drastic action for the resistance!


Intelligence gives you a hint of the expected rewards for a strike. But the information isn’t always reliable and gives only a vague idea of the item type and power tier of potential loot. A mission always has a primary objective reward that can be topped by several secondary objective rewards. The better you perform, the higher the chances to get decent loot.


However some in-game drops can only occur by cracking a chest, killing an enemy or destroying strategic positions in the city, so you better keep your eyes open on a run!


Dev Update: Achtung! Luftwaffe!

Among the numerous weapons created by the mutants to get rid of the human life in the city are evil balloons propelled by goop engines that allow them to reposition over the target and drop mines or shoot projectiles at the rebellious DieselStormers.


With these diabolical contraptions the mutant air force is attempting to cover the open rooftops of the city, thereby reducing airborn advantage of the DieselArmor suits.


Dev Update: Camera Control Scheme

In action platformers like DieselStormers, there are two main types of camera control schemes.

The first, most common type is simply to have the camera centered on the player.

Makes sense, right? Wrong! The most interesting thing around is the destruction that the players rain down on upon their enemies!


For DieselStormers, we use a different camera style, one that centers halfway between the player and their targeting beacon of mayhem.

Halfway? Why not all the way? Because it would be terribly sad if you were having too much fun raining destruction and some nasty orc managed to sneak up from behind and ruin your play. 


Dev Update: Take Cover!

With all this running and gunning and running some more, occasionally, you really need to catch a breather. And, you know, not get shot.

Well, we’ve got two types of cover just for that!


Cover is a force field that blocks projectiles, but not player characters or enemies. While you are inside the force field, you can fire through it, but anything shooting at you from outside will get blocked! This also holds true for enemies, so you may want to shove them out of cover before pumping them full of lead.

There are two types of force fields: one can soak a certain amount of damage before overloading and collapsing. The other cannot be destroyed no matter how much damage it takes!


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