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Rejoice , fellow Diesel Knights – this update is all about firepower!

Thanks to your diligent raids, our armory has been upgraded with the following features: 


  • New weapon: the Elemental Caster. Fire great gouts of bouncing goop! 
  • Higher challenge ratings now feature more powerful enemies and better loot; the challenge rating cap has been raised to 100 
  • Active frame mods: have your bullets starburst into shrapnel at the point of impact, scatter mines and more! 
  • New secondary mission type: Rush – beat the enemy rockets to the finish for extra loot! 
  • New active engine mod: explode your enemies! 
  • The crafting interface has been improved for clarity. Added tooltips. 
  • The game now supports all controller types and allows you to freely customize your button layout


Changelist is available on DieselStormers Community Hub.

The Firestorm Update

Hi Stormers!

As announced the Firestorm Update will hit DieselStormers on August 22nd.

What will be main theme of the update we hear you asking? 

It will be all about guns, guns and more guns! 

Currently you can customize your weapons resulting in different shoot patterns, projectile types, precision, rate of fire and range. This is the core idea and it works, however we have so much more add and polish. With the Firestorm update, we aim to take a big step forwards towards this goal. 

Next week you will get the complete details of the update, so only few days left to tell us what YOU want.


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