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The „High Octane“ update will be live on Steam at 19:00 (GMT+1) tonight! Gear up and get ready for a whole new experience fighting off  the goop-infested green hordes!


- Introduced perks (passive player abilities)

- Sabotage mission type

o Plant charges and defend them until they blow

o Periodic hazards that activate/deactivate

o Turrets that can be activated by the players

o Respawning repair kits, arc energy and cover

- Revised weapon stats to be cleaner and more consistent.

- Fixed weapon stat bugs.

- Drastically lowered all player projectile speeds

- Goblin Gearmech now properly scales with challenge rating

- Added loading screen tips

- New generic level chunks

- Fixed frame effects proccing too often (Rising Barrage, Grenade Cluster and Bouncing Shrapnel)

- Dashing through enemies and objects now slows you instead of stopping you

- Goblin balloon starburst attack now rotates in both directions

- Increased cannon rate of fire and piercing rating

- Enemy variants are now green -> cyan -> blue -> purple -> orange

o Mission kill targets are red again

Since we didn’t announce any new features yesterday, we got two new things for you today! Twice the fun!

New mission type: “Sabotage”

With the “High Octane” update we introduce the new mission type “Sabotage”. You’ll have to plant explosives on critical orc machinery in order to destroy further production of the damn cursed Goop!
But keep in mind, the orcs won’t like this! They’ll try their best to defuse the bombs at any cost. Your task is to push them back until the bombs explode!

New useable object: Turrets!

To help you defend critical positions on the new Sabotage mission maps, we added some helpful little friends to slow down orc attacks and give’em hell! But beware: These turrets deal massive damage without making a difference between friend or foe. So use them wisely!

So what do you think is going on here?

News regarding our next update!

We just wanted to let you know that we’ll be moving the planned update “High Octane” from Sept. 26th to Oct 2nd, since our devs are taking more time to implement some features we really, really want you to get your hands on as fast as possible. We think they’re really cool additions to the game. More news on what we have in store for you will soon follow.

On the upside we want to announce our colaboration with N4Gtv for their charity event together with Extra Life and Operation Supply Drop. This is going to be a very cool event coming live to TwitchTV on Sept. 30th.


We’ve been showing you the history of DieselStormer’s development for the last two weeks. 

Now we’d like to see what you can do: Fanart, Videos, Papercraft, Cosplay, DieselStormers Demake - Everything counts! Post your stuff on our Facebook page until Monday, Sept. 15th, 19.00 GMT and have a chance to win an original DieselStormers t-shirt and a Black Forest Games hoodie! 

The winner will be chosen by our handsome artists.

Additional info on the “High Octane”-Update!



You wanted info on the next update? Here you go:

With the “High Octane”-Update (Release: September 26th) you will be able to unlock perks for your Diesel Knights! These perks are permanent advantages that can be purchased with crafting components.

Do you like to hit and run? There are perks that boost your firepower if you don’t shoot all the time, and others that boost your evasive capabilities.

Do you prefer to charge into battle? We have perks that boost your firepower as long as you keep moving or loot dead enemies, and allow you to take more hits.

Do you prefer a subtler approach? Spawn repair kits and extra Arc Energy, or trigger your weapon’s special abilities more often!

Perks stay with you no matter what weapon (and later: armor) you wear. Whenever you choose to upgrade your Diesel Knight with a new perk, you will be offered a random selection to pick from. You can also re-roll already unlocked perks for a lower cost, and slowly craft your knight to a specific build.


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